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The Artist: Randi Siu

Randi Siu

Throughout the years, the visual arts have played an important role in my life and my career. Inspired by the gorgeous colors, textures and beauty of nature, and the passionate emotional response they elicited from me, I have incorporated these elements into fashion, interior design and stage set design to evoke a similar response in the viewer. I have had an image and color consulting business, designed home interiors and been an artistic director for staged productions.

Even though I enjoyed these ways of expressing my creativity, I always felt something was missing, until I discovered the joy of painting. It’s interesting how things come full circle in our lives. I remember learning the principles of drawing at a young age from my mother, who was an art teacher. I learned to focus and to trust my instincts with my renderings. These basic principles give me both the discipline and freedom to create with passion.

I love layering my canvases with acrylic paints in vivid colors and impasto textures that have bursts of energy and positive symbols on the canvas, in an impressionistic or expressionistic style, that connect emotionally with the viewer. 

“Painting is truly an
instinctive and joyful
process for me, which
is what I love about it!”
~ Randi