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The Creative Process

Randi Siu Painting - Accelerando

I intend that the paintings I create add positive energy to the space they occupy. I believe that it’s important to have uplifting messages in my paintings that can subtly encourage and influence the viewer in a beneficial way. That is why I include inspiring symbols or words, whether hidden or bold and obvious, in my paintings. 

When I paint, I trust my intuition and let my paintings emerge. Certain colors and shapes will call to me in the process as I develop a painting. I don’t paint what I see in the outer world, but what I feel in my inner world.

My artistic style combines aspects of abstract expressionism with elements of impressionism played out in vibrant colors, rich textures and spontaneous energy, incorporating the use of inspiring words or symbols, to connect with the viewer in an energetically positive way.


“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”
~ Marc Chagall