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The Texture Techniques

Symbols and words in paintings

Symbols and Words

In one of my layers, I paint uplifting words or symbols that speak to me at the time. Sometimes I blend the words and symbols together so they’re unrecognizable. Other times, they are either partially hidden or bold and obvious. I intend that all the art I create has a positive grounding. Including inspiring words or symbols in my paintings adds upbeat energy to the space my art occupies and subtly encourages and influences the viewer in a beneficial way.

Impasto Technique


I primarily use the impasto technique in my paintings, which involves applying thick paint layers to the canvas (Van Gogh is an artist who used the impasto technique.) Depending on my mood and the effect I want, there may be anywhere from two to five layers that I intentionally build up.  


Combing Technique


In many of my paintings, I incorporate a combing technique in one layer or another, to add a texture reminiscent of the look and feel of tree bark, a texture I’ve always been drawn to for it’s combination of smoothness and roughness.

“I love layering my canvases with acrylic paints in vivid colors and impasto textures that have bursts of energy and positive symbols on the canvas, in an impressionistic or expressionistic style, that connect emotionally with the viewer.”
~ Randi