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Guibilazione and Simplemente


"I am a huge fan of Randi's art from almost an insider's view. I've gotten to see her at work in her Montana studio. What hooked me almost immediately was the vibrancy of the colours she chooses  and the theme (heart, dragons) within her brush strokes. Most importantly, looking at her pieces brings me intense feelings of happiness!"  ~ Norris H.


"The painting, 'Simplicimente' sits on a small desk near my window. This is where the morning sun rests its early rays. I arrange my family photos around this "golden heart" and it dances, dances in a blue sea." ~ Yuan Zeng Lu


"Randi’s art draws me in and I feel a profound sense of humanity when I view her work. When I saw the painting “Bel Canto” it was as if Randi knew exactly what I felt in my heart and I wanted its loving presence in my office. I see this art work daily and it fills me with wonder and joy."  ~ Teresa Roche


"Having a mutual love for China, I was eager to see Randi's painting  Jade Dragons, from the Asian Aspects series, in an alumni art show at our college reunion. Intrigued and impressed by Randi's work, the movement of a similar Jade Dragon II now energizes our Minneapolis condo." ~ Cindy Chapman

“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art is gratitude”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche